Powerful Decision Making: Powerful decision making is at the very core of high performing people and organizations. Powerful decisions have nothing to do with power exerted in the process, and everything to do with clarity, ownership and affect. Powerful decisions are implementable and sustainable. Creating powerful decisions is an art and a science. Powerful decisions resolve issues to the mutual satisfaction and benefit of all involved legitimate stakeholders. The Perspectives Group transforms diverse viewpoints to effect powerful decisions. We are artists and scientists of the process.

Clear Messaging: Effectively conveying information to intended audiences is the currency of our economy, and the fuel of corporate initiatives. Whether for legislative policy, land-use stewardship, strategic planning or internal process definition, effective message development is critical to buy-in, commitment, follow through, and ultimately performance. The Perspectives Group understands the power of the message. We bring clarity to communications, power to delivery media, and desired results in response to the message. We have a unique understanding of risk communication, a great appreciation for meaningful exchange, and an uncanny ability to interpret and simplify technical complexity. It’s a beautiful thing.

Uncommon Insight: Recognizing and naming the elephant in the room is often the first step in making a legitimate case for change or a breakthrough in negotiation. The Perspectives Group has honed the competency of insight. As a result, our facilitators have become tuned to the unstated and keenly aware of the avoided and unrecognized. Our observations are delivered in crystal clear language, and our interventions take on transformative power. We bring awareness, understanding, integrity, differentiation, alignment, and courage to the dialogue.

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