The Fernald Citizens Advisory Board was designated as the 1999 Public Participation Organization of the Year by IAP2.

The Oak Ridge End Use Working Group was cited for outstanding public contribution by the State of Tennessee.

Client Recognition
The Oak Ridge Environmental Management (EM) program has had an active public participation since about 1989, however I did not realize that the level of quality of that participation could have been raised so high by one person’s involvement. Your ability to guide the deliberations of the End Use process, capture the community’s values regarding end uses of contaminated government property and work with the Group to provide a vision of stewardship needs following remediation has truly been a remarkable effort. I am fully convinced that without your involvement or passion for what you do, the Oak Ridge Operations EM program would not have made the tremendous gain that we have made in understanding the values of its community with respect to cleaning up the Oak Ridge Reservation.”
Rod Nelson
Assistant Manager for Environmental Management, (now retired)
Department of Energy Oak Ridge

“Excellent instinct for determining what is essential out of enormous quantities of information and presenting it in a clear, concise, and imaginative way to a diverse audience. Excellent preparation, hard work, and an open manner have earned the unanimous confidence and trust of the Advisory Board and of Department of Energy personnel.”
John Applegate
Chair, Fernald Citizens Advisory Board

“In my dealings with Doug Sarno, I have found him to be extremely professional and personable. His skills as a trainer are amongst the best I have encountered in my six years in the conflict management field. The Perspectives Group provides prompt assistance and strives to meet the needs of its clients.”

“The training in public involvement conducted by the Perspectives Group and Doug Sarno, was excellent. It covered the material our Center needed to know in order to design good public involvement programs and was presented in an organized and personable manner. The materials will be an excellent reference for the future.”

“Mr. Sarno has conducted two projects for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on public participation issues, including training for NRC staff and stakeholders. Mr. Sarno’s performance on these projects was exemplary and provided a foundation for moving successfully towards our strategic objective. This is particularly notable in that public participation on nuclear issues present some of the most difficult and complex scientific, economic, and emotional regulatory issues.”

"The DOE Grand Junction Office has worked with Mr. Doug Sarno several times in settings with stakeholders that required diplomacy, balance, and tactful facilitation. Types of groups that we worked with included federal, state, local officials, tribal members, citizen advisory boards/groups, contractors, and environmental organizations. Mr. Sarno has performed his expected duties in an exemplary manner and we will contract with him again if the occasion arises."

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