The Perspectives Group has a long history of managing successful advisory groups. We understand what makes groups successful. Moreover, we understand that successful facilitation of an advisory board entails much more than running a good meeting. It requires careful planning and detailed

Before an Advisory Board Meets
We help clients set appropriate goals for their advisory groups and to convene the right stakeholders to meet those goals. We also listen to stakeholders to determine key issues and major questions. Our goal is to provide an intriguing and goal-focused agenda for each meeting. The Perspectives Group also handles logistics and planning for advisory group meetings, so our clients can focus fully on the issues at hand.

Advisory Board Meetings

The Perspectives Group creates an effective and practical meeting environment. We provide opportunities for group learning, where members can develop a shared understanding of the issues. We also understand that a good meeting is more than a collection of individuals speaking their minds; it allows ideas to be kicked around and synergy to blossom. The Perspectives Group fills its meeting agendas with innovative techniques and plenty of time for dialogue. We lead the advisory board through a systematic process of seeking consensus and achieving outcomes that meet the goals of stakeholders and our clients.

After a Meeting
The Perspectives Group documents the key discussions and decisions made at meetings and provides all participants with a summary of what was accomplished. Most importantly, we help productivity by documenting follow-up tasks. Between meetings, we manage communication among members and the client, so there are no surprises when they meet next.

Boards that we have supported (and the clients we served):

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