Conflict is a natural sign that people care deeply about the issues that affect their lives. But when a dispute arises, it can throw huge barriers in the path of progress. At these times, people turn to The Perspectives Group as a neutral third-party to help them achieve a workable resolution.

The Perspectives Group’s facilitators are trained in mediation and in other dispute resolution techniques. We do the legwork to identify the parties that are critical to finding a resolution and listen careful to them to understand the history and the scope of the issues. Then, we craft appropriate settings and techniques to bring those parties together to share their perspectives and to seek a solution. To ensure true success, we also guide the parties through the development of a mutually acceptable action plan that will determine how their solutions are implemented.

The Perspectives Group has facilitated well over 1,000 meetings throughout North America to assist groups in making decisions and to help them reach consensus on difficult issues. We have worked with groups on issues including facility siting, land use planning, energy, natural resource restoration, hazardous and radioactive waste cleanup, transportation, health and safety, business process, policy, and regulation.

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