Every project and client helps us develop new perspectives about how people can work together to achieve success. The Perspectives Group invites you to share the lessons we’ve put down into words. (All material is copyright. If you use our thoughts in your own writing, please let us know and cite us appropriately.)

When the New Neighbor's a Giant
At one potential site for the International Linear Collider, people in the community are getting to know the project years in advance.

War and Peace
A community activist contrasts confrontational Superconducting Super Collider days with the new Fermilab public participation effort.

Is Public Participation Compatible with Good Science?
Doug Sarno writes in the Physics Journal Symmetry about the intersection of science and the public.

Exception Proves the Rule
What happens when you break the rules of Good Public Participation. This humorous look appeared in Participation Quarterly.

FUTURESITE, a game simulation, was developed to stimulate and inform public participation in the highly controversial environmental cleanup decisions affecting a former nuclear weapons facility in the United States. This article appeared in Simulation and Gaming Journal.

Future of Fernald
The Future of Fernald Process – the story of creating a community vision and legacy was a special insert to Participation Quarterly.

Telling the Story of Fernald Report
The people who live and work near the U.S. Department of Energy site in Fernald, Ohio will need information about the property long after its environmental "cleanup" is completed. This report was prepared by the Fernald Citizens Advisory Board to explain why public access to information is critical at sites like Fernald.

Final Report for Fermilab
In March 2004, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) convened the Fermilab Community Task Force on Public Participation. Fermilab charged the Task Force to provide advice regarding how the laboratory and the community could interact on issues that affect them both.


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