Whether you need to involve the public, other organizations, or to create an internal team, The Perspectives Group provides all of the services you need to build better decisions through participation. We can manage any process from start to finish, or we can assist you in any of these four stages of a participation program.

We find out what people know, what they need to know, and how they want to participate in decisions.

We work with you to set goals for participation and to create the right strategy to achieve those goals.

We provide the support you need to reach your participation goals.

We monitor performance, evaluate success and identify possible improvements for future processes.

Our highly experienced staff is available on an on-call basis to help you with your public participation challenges.

The Perspectives Group has trained thousands of people in best
practices in public participation. We have trainers licensed in the
IAP2 Certificate Program, we offer a variety of our own advanced
courses, and can also customize training to fit the needs of your
organization. Click here for more information.

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